Workshop Teacher School

A Digital Lesson Plan Library and Professional Development Center Created for
6th-8th Grade
English Teachers

You can have that satisfied, planned feeling the entire school year. Access the reading and writing workshop tools you need to simplify your life and engage your students!



First, Let's Make Sure You're a Good Fit...

You are the right teacher for Workshop Teacher School if you are ready to ditch the negative talk when it comes to student behavior, motivation, and engagement.

You realize that teachers have a huge impact on how engaged students are. 
But, you also realize teachers need support from an effective AND editable curriculum! 
Workshop Teacher School was built for teachers who want their evenings and weekends back.
It was built for teachers who know student engagement is the foundation of effective teaching!


If you are an English teacher who...

  • Is overworked and tired of nonstop lesson planning and grading. 
  • Loves being creative and wants editable materials to meet students' unique and diverse needs. 
  • Cares deeply about supporting struggling students and wants access to tools, scaffolds and conferencing strategies that can help. 
  • Knows the importance of student engagement and wants access to lessons that excite and motivate students.

If any of this sounds like you, then you're absolutely in the right place! Workshop Teacher School will free up so much of your time and allow you to engage your students (even the tough ones) like never before! Now, let's get into the cost of not taking action today...

Engaging and Effective Teachers Need Editable Resources and Support

Teachers who don't have all the tools and support to do their jobs run a lot of risks...

Less Time

When you don't have the tools you need, you waste hundreds of hours each year (including your breaks) hunting for tools and resources.

Decreased Job Satisfaction

When you don't have the tools and support you need, you lose motivation and passion for the profession you spent years training for.

Less Effectiveness

When you don't have all the tools you need, you become scattered which leads to overwhelm and your effectiveness as a teacher dramatically decreases.

Decreased Student Engagement

When you are scattered and have no consistent plan and lack of support it can result in scattered and disengaged students.  

Workshop Teacher School
Allows Educators to:

  • Focus their energies on being an extremely effective educator.

  • Engage students using the workshop method with mini lessons, choice boards, and more!

  • Receive all the editable teaching tools needed to create a systematic plan for the rest of the school year based on the needs of students!

Workshop Teacher School
Provides Educators with:

Workshop Teacher School
Created by:




Amanda has been teaching for 14 years in grades 3rd-8th. She has always been obsessed with student engagement and how to increase it. The curriculum available to her didn't cut it when it came to engaging students. She had to get creative, so she started writing her own lesson plans. Little did she know that this decision would change the trajectory of her life. 

When COVID-19 hit, Amanda decided to resign from her 8th grade English teaching position. She realized she couldn't teach from a distance, take care of her family and run a small business all at the same time. This was an incredibly difficult decision. But, she realized she couldn't do it all, it just wasn't viable. 

Today, Amanda is fully dedicated to supporting teachers around the world through these unprecedented times. 

She has found the most success using reading and writing workshop. This model of teaching allows for a simple, predictable life for teachers. It is also highly engaging for students.

The curriculum that Amanda has been writing these past 8 years is exactly what teachers need right now. Amanda's mission is to spread the word about Workshop Teacher School... 



This comprehensive, engaging curriculum will save you so many hours of planning and preparation this year. All the tools you need for the mini lessons are editable Google Slides and Docs too!


The mini lessons in each unit were designed to engage students in becoming readers and writers in real life! They are all easy to follow and formatted the exact same way with each of these workshop components: hook, teaching point, modeling, conferring, and closure.

I'm Ready!


Each unit comes with a Unit at a Glance Google Doc connecting to all the mini lessons and mini lesson materials. Teachers can edit the document to meet the needs of their individual students and school requirements. There's even a video overview that makes understanding how to implement the unit even more seamless!

This Looks Handy!


Teachers need access to editable Google Docs and Slides they can adapt for their unique students. Workshop Teacher School has got you covered with tons of student activities that will improve your students' reading and writing skills plus they are engaging!

Did You Say Editable?


All the units include slides for each mini lesson that provide engaging writing and reading activities that students can choose from. Sometimes there are "must dos" on the choice board too. These "must dos" correlate with the mini lessons you teach. Students who struggle to work independently can be given just one task from the choice board to do. 

Alrighty! Wow.


Each unit includes slideshows with links to all the mentor texts you'll need for your mini lessons! All you have to do is teach a few mini lessons about how to gain inspiration and learn new skills with mentor texts. Next, give students access to these slides, and they will have so much more guidance for their writing endeavors!


I Need This!


Each unit comes with editable charts and PDF posters to use with your mini lessons! They are colorful, clear and take hard concepts and make them easy for students to grasp.

For Sure Need This!


Every unit includes pre-assessments, formative, and summative assessments, self-assessments, checklists and conferring tools for the teacher. Students will know what is expected of them from the very beginning of the unit!

It's Time...


Each unit has been converted into Distance Learning Docs with simple step by step directions for students, links to Google Docs, Slides and videos provided within one Doc. These are great when students are absent or as sub plans!

Sign Me Up!

"I have noticed so many changes related to my quality of life at school!
I feel confident in what I am doing each day, the most confident I have ever felt. I do not have as much work to do at home. Most importantly, I feel a deeper connection with all my students (71 of them) and can say I know them as writers and readers, and it's only the first quarter!"

Melissa England
Middle School Humanities Teacher

Ready to save time and engage students with digital workshop curriculum now?



30 Short Video Tutorials
These video will teach you everything you need to know to use workshop and make teaching English simple, I promise!

90+Page Interactive Workbook
This workbook will put your knowledge into action in your own classroom

Audio Versions of Each Lesson
You can listen to each module on the go!

Three Writing Units
Launching Reading and Writing Workshop, Mentor Text Mini Lessons, Writing is Never Done, Writing Partners

Editable Google Slide Choice Board
Use these choice boards for any unit!



30 Short Video Tutorials
These video will teach you everything you need to know to incorporate PBL into your workshop classroom!

53+Page Workbook
This workbook will put your knowledge into action in your own classroom

Audio Versions of Each Lesson
You can listen to each module on the go!

Google Drive Folders
You'll get access to editable Google Docs and Slides to adapt what you learn for your own classroom situation!

"I have so much more free time.
During planning periods I keep thinking there’s more I should be doing, but I already have everything planned and ready. Instead of preparing more work for students or trying to figure out a way to fill up an entire period with content, I’m spending a lot more time on professional development. "

Jason Lantz
International School Teacher

The Professional Development Vault

Access professional development videos about topics workshop teacher members care about, plus book club meeting replays.

English Teacher Summer Reading Series

In addition to The Professional Development Vault, you'll also receive access to an incredibly helpful library of videos and notes about each of the following books to begin your social justice education journey!

"I cannot thank you enough for Workshop Teacher School.
I actually participated as a Research Fellow at Ball State in the National Writing Project, but you put it all together including assessments. Do you realize how much time you have saved me? "

Jennifer Coury
7th/8th Grade English Teacher

Look Inside the Library

This video will take you directly inside the member's only library where your courses, professional development vault and monthly curriculum lives.


Each Month at a Glance

If you sign up you will receive everything you need for the entire school year today!


This video gives an overview of the files found in the Launching Reading and Writing Workshop Unit materials.


"I am so happy that I was able to learn a whole new method of teaching!
Things have been going very quickly this year, and I haven't had a chance to properly thank you for all your awesome curriculum! Shifting into distance learning has been a breeze because I have everything I need to post online for our op-ed argumentative writing work. So, thank you so much for everything. I am so happy that I was able to learn a whole new method of teaching and having the tools from you made it possible! "

Katy Valentine
7th Grade English Teacher


Check out the newest additions to the Workshop Teacher School library. These projects will most definitely light your students up!

"I decided to try it and OH my GOODNESS! The change is AMAZING!
I have bought so many units and items on TPT over the years that just didn't provide me with the materials I needed to fully implement reader's and writer's workshop in my classroom. I was hesitant to join at first because I didn't want to spend the money and just have another file of stuff that I wasn't going to use. But, I decided to try it and OH my GOODNESS! The change is AMAZING! I'm finding that I'm really connecting with my students more through their writing, and they are LOVING the workshop approach. I'm not taking home stacks upon stacks of papers each night, I'm not running millions of copies, and it is working. The kids are finding a true passion for reading and writing, and I love seeing it. "

Jenny Sykes
6th Grade English Teacher

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can contact [email protected] and receive a full refund, no questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not listed below please email [email protected]

When you sign up to join Workshop Teacher School you:

  • Receive all 16 units that include easy to follow mini lessons, charts, links to mentor texts, writing samples, conferring tips, editable slideshows, editable student handouts, editable assessment tools and more to grow as an effective reading and writing workshop teacher.
  • 2 Courses-Reading and Writing Workshop in the Secondary Classroom AND Project-Based Learning in the Writing Workshop Classroom 
  • Professional Development Vault
  • English Teacher Summer Reading Series Replays & Notes
  • Support from Amanda Werner

If after 7 days you aren't satisfied, email [email protected] and she'll give you a FULL refund, no questions asked. If you would like to have a sample of what's inside Workshop Teacher School, head over to the shop and purchase one unit to see all that is provided. 

Yes, the curriculum units will follow the 6-8th Grade English Common Core Standards AND Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Some grammar will be covered. Information about how to use mentor sentences and how to confer with students about grammar topics is provided in some units. There is also a whole Grammar and Mechanics Units inside Workshop Teacher School too!

The curriculum is definitely adaptable to different grade levels. It’s important for you to do what is best for you and your students. If after 7 days of your purchase you don't feel the materials are appropriate for your students or you aren't sure how to adapt them, you can contact Amanda at [email protected] and she'll issue a full refund.

The beautiful thing about workshop is that it’s adaptable. Every student and every class needs something different. It's up to you to assess, edit the rubrics based on their needs, and choose the mini lessons and activities they most need. You may need to teach and reteach certain mini lessons too. Also, the units within Workshop Teacher School cover Common Core Standards and TEKS for grades 6-8. 

I think workshop is THE BEST program for gifted students AND students who struggle. Here’s why…the books you put into the hands of students and the mini lessons (reading and writing) you teach can and should be adapted based on the level of students you have in front of you. Workshop is appropriate for all students. However, we need to remember that certain students are going to need a lot more 1:1 time with us than others and that's okay, it's what those students need.

Workshop Teacher School is Currently Closed, But I've Got You!

I've compiled 50+ Google Drive tools you need to implement reading and writing workshop! Provide your info and you'll be the first to know when Workshop Teacher School opens again and I'll email you the Workshop Teacher School Toolkit along with other time saving resources!