Reading & Writing Workshop in the Secondary Classroom

If you've ever wanted things to be easier, simpler, less chaotic in your English classroom then workshop and this course is your answer. It's the truth. 




  • Feel confident using both reading and writing workshop in your classroom.
  • Learn what reading and writing workshop looks like at the secondary level.
  • Access lists of reading and writing mini lesson ideas for secondary students.
  • Make a plan for getting started in only five steps.


  • Access editable expectation and consequence system.
  • Put expectations & consequences systems in place while also building a caring, accepting community of secondary students.
  • Increase student productivity, engagement and motivation.
  • Access a unit plan to teach writing behavior.
  • Access a unit plan to teach peer conferencing.


  • Develop clear routines to ensure workshop runs smoothly all year long.
  • Learn an extremely simple mini lesson structure that will make planning easier than ever.
  • Learn how to meet the needs of students with a wide range of abilities.
  • Develop a system for student work time that is productive and promotes independence and collaboration.
  • Learn an easy to follow conferring method that doesn’t completely exhaust you and meets the needs of your diverse learners.
  • Develop a closure routine that you can follow to wrap things up each day.


  • Learn about the types of charts and how best to utilize them in your classroom.
  • Learn how to find and use mentor texts to lift the level of your students’ writing.
  • Learn a simple way to utilize one notebook for reading and writing workshop.
  • Learn about how choice boards promote independence and productivity and get access to a variety of editable choice boards.


  • Access a unit plan to launch both reading and writing workshop in just ten days.
  • Learn how to plan your own engaging reading and writing workshop units.
  • Obtain tools for planning a year-long curriculum.
  • Learn how you can implement reading and writing workshop and teach all your standards without killing yourself trying to “fit everything in”.


  • Identify the differences between grading and assessment.
  • Learn about the types of assessments and how to simplify them so you're not spending too much time grading.
  • Access editable single-point rubrics.
  • Learn ways to publish your students’ work.

Simplify Your Teaching Life with Workshop


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